These Terms of Use apply to access or usage of „Debunker“ software, available on web address: www.debunker.rs and its subdomains (hereinafter: „Application“), as well as to all services, content and other digital means, features and options available on, or in connection to Application (hereinafter: „Services“), and represents a legally binding agreement between:

  1. Debunker doo, registration no: 21558095, with registered seat at Dositejeva no. 45/5, 11 000 Belgrade, email: info@debunker.rs, (hereinafter: „Debunker“ or „us“)
  2. User, as defined in Article 2 point 1 of these Terms of Use (Hereinafter: „User“or „We“).

Article 1

General provisions and accepting the Terms of Use

  1. Debunker is a company established in accordance with the laws of Republic of Serbia, and as such performs its business activities in accordance with relevant laws of Republic of Serbia.
  2. By accessing our website www.debunker.rs, i.e. its subdomains, , registering the User account, installing and/or using the Application and Services for any purpose, you accept these Terms of Use as a legally binding agreement and accept that you are a party to this agreement.
  3. Debunker reserves the right to, in any given moment, amend these Terms of Use, as well as all other regulations and policies relating to the Application and Services. These amendments are effective on the day of their publishing on this webpage. Debunker recommends to the Users to periodically check Terms of Use, as well as other regulations and policies relating to the Application and Services, so that they can acquaint themselves with such amendments. Accessing the website www.debunker.rs, i.e. its subdomains,, i.e. continuation of use of Application after the Terms of Use are amended, shall be considered as an acceptance thereof.
  4. While using the Application and Services, Users undertake to conduct themselves in accordance with these Terms of Use and relevant laws of Republic of Serbia.
  5. The use of the Application and/or Service contrary to these Terms of Use shall be considered a breach thereof.
  6. Debunker has the right to, to in any given moment, to its own discretion, amend the criteria for accessing the Application and Services and/or restrict the access to Application and Services to any individual or entity temporarily or permanently.

Article 2

User registration

  1. The Term “Users” shall be used to jointly refer to natural and legal persons who:
    1. access the website www.debunker.rs i.e. its subdomains without registration, for informational purposes only (hereinafter: “Guests”) and
    2. create their User account at the web version of the Application (hereinafter “Registered users”).
  2. For the User to use Services available on and in connection to the Application, primarily the loan calculator service and loan repayment plan service, it is necessary to become a Registered user, i.e. to register an User account. A Guest, i.e. a non-registered User will be only able to try a demo version of loan calculator service, but will not be able to try the demo version of loan payment plan service.
  3. For opening a User account, you need to enter their email address, username and password into the indicated brackets, after which you will receive a verification email in order to activate your account.
  4. Registered users are obligated to state complete, accurate and valid data when opening a User account. Every Registered user is liable for any activities in connection to their account, as well as to secure their password. It is forbidden to use third persons’ account and third persons’ data for registration purposes.
  5. In case that your User account is inactive, i.e. you haven’t logged on to your User account within the period of 2 (two) years since its opening, we will automatically delete your account.

Article 3

The goal of the Application and Services

  1. The goal of the Application and Services is to offer an informative and free-of-charge loan calculation service, loan repayment plan service and other available Services in order to, amongst other, make easier for Users to calculate various variables related to taking bank loans, such are interest rates, repayment periods and plans, loan installments, as well as to facilitate the predictability of the loans’ total cost in an understandable and comprehensive manner (taking into account not only the bank’s, but also legal, public notary, mortgage establishment, insurance and other costs).
  2. When using the Application and available Services, the User undertakes to enter accurate, complete and truthful data into the indicated brackets.
  3. Debunker does not guarantee the accuracy of information provided to the Users, nor may the information which Users receive by using the Application and Services be considered as any legal, economical, financial or other advice. Information and content available on the Application and Services may not be considered to be an offer or a call to purchase any property or rights, nor may they be considered as complete information for making personal, financial or business decision by the Users. Application’s and Services’ goal is not to give any advice for the User to rely on, but to provide to the Users free-of-charge, purely informative and educational assistance when calculating complicated variables in connection to taking loans. The Users understand and accept that they make their decisions to take loans independently, and the information they receive by using the Application and Services may only be used informatively and for educational purposes.
  4. Debunker is not in any way liable for any possible damages incurred to the User in connection to the information which the User receives by using the Application and Services.
  5. By accepting the Terms of Use, the Users agree that the Application and Services may include advertisements, links to other web location and website administrator notices. By accepting these Terms of Use, the User accepts to receive advertisements. Debunker is in no way liable for the content of advertisements on the Application – such content is the sole liability of advertisers, nor is Debunker liable for contents, functions, accuracy or any other aspect of other web locations.
  6. Users are solely liable for making their own financial or any other decisions. We may enable Users to collect information regarding third persons – service providers such are banks and similar, but by doing so, we do not endorse, approve or recommend such third person’s services, nor do we act as their agents or proxies.
  7. Debunker advises Users to, prior to making any financial decisions, engage a bank or other financial service provider to receive advice, taking into account User’s individual circumstances. Debunker is not a provider of financial services, nor a legal adviser, which is completely understood by the User.

Article 4

Content and User content

  1. For the purposes of these Terms of Use, the term “Content” includes, but is not limited to information, data, text, photos, video and audio files, written announcements and commentary, software, scripts, visuals, design, logos and trademarks created, distributed and in other ways made available via the Application and Services.
  2. Debunker is the sole owner of the Content and the Content may be used solely in private and non-commercial purposes. It is forbidden to multiply, reproduce, publicly display (broadcast) or distribute Content in any way, without Debunker’s prior written approval.
  3. “User content” is any content which the User has created, uploaded, added, published, sent or distributed via the Application or Services. User guarantees that all User content is accurate, complete and valid and in accordance with relevant applicable laws and these Terms of Use.
  4. Debunker does not guarantee nor is in any way liable for: 1) completeness, accuracy, truthfulness, availability, timeliness, safety and reliability of any Content, nor does Debunker guarantee or take any responsibility for completeness, accuracy, truthfulness, availability, timeliness, safety and reliability of User content; 2) remuneration of any damages incurred on User’s operating system, loss of data or other damages caused by User’s access or use of Application or Services or any Content and/or User content; 3)deletion or inability to store or transfer any Content and/or User content and other communication held by the Application or Services; and 4) does not guarantee that the Application and Services will comply with User’s request and be available in uninterrupted, safe and error-free way. User does not have the right to file any claims against Debunker in connection to the circumstances listed under this point, nor to seek any damages.

Article 5

Intellectual property rights

  1. Content defined by Article 4 point 1 is protected by authorship and other intellectual property rights in accordance with the law and belongs exclusively to Debunker, i.e. third persons- Debunkers’ partners. The Content cannot be used in any way without prior written Debunkers’ consent.
  2. The User undertakes to adhere to all valid laws, including, but not limited to, laws regulating intellectual property when using the Application, Services and Content, and that they will not undertake any action which may jeopardize Debunker’s intellectual property rights or any other Debunker’s rights.
  3. Debunker reserves all intellectual property rights on Application, Services and Content in the widest scope guaranteed by relevant laws.
  4. User is forbidden to: copy, amend, modify, broadcast/perform, distribute, sell or make derivative works based on Application, Services and/or Content, or in any way use or misuse the Application, Service and Content. User is forbidden to reverse engineer and decompile or otherwise attempt to extract the source code of the Application or any part of it.
  5. The User grants Debunker a non-exclusive license to use, adapt, amend, reproduce, distribute, broadcast, make derivative works thereof and in other ways use User Content within the Application and Service, with that that Debunker undertakes to take appropriate measures to anonymize such data, i.e. not reveal User’s identity in any case.
  6. Debunker does not guarantee the availability of the Content and User Content.
  7. Debunker reserves the right to its own discretion: remove, modify or in any way amend the Content in any moment, without any prior notice.

Article 6

Rules of User’s conduct and breach of such rules

  1. User is liable for their own actions in connection to the User content, Application and Services.
  2. User is prohibited from (nor may they allow to third persons) to upload, send, download, publish, enter, distribute or enable distribution of User content using the Application or Services which:
    1. infringes intellectual property rights of third persons, including patents, trademarks, works of authorship or other proprietary rights, unless there is license or other viable legal grounds for publishing such content;
    2. is inaccurate, untrue, inappropriate, illegal, damaging, threatening, offensive, disturbing, vulgar, contains pornographic elements, indecent, may lead to hate speech, race, sexual, religious or other forms of discrimination;
    3. may be invasive to someone’s privacy or in any way infringe the rights of any other User or any third party;
    4. is confidential and/or commercially sensitive, i.e which is defined as a business secret;
    5. is contrary to Serbian Advertisement Act;
    6. is unauthorized or unwanted advertisement material, junk mail, spam or other form of unauthorized advertising;
    7. contains viruses or any code, file or program created or used with the intention to damage or disturb functioning of any software, hardware, telecommunication equipment or to access any system, data, passwords or other Debunker’s or Debunker’s affiliate’s information without authorization.
    8. represents any other person or entity, i.e. which uses anyone’s identification data or discloses confidential financial information of third persons;
    9. which has the intention to promote some other content, including sharing links of other companies, online stores, and especially competing platforms.
  3. User is prohibited from taking any actions which: 1) cause or may cause unreasonably large network burden and burden Debunker’s infrastructure; 2) disrupt or try to disrupt regular functioning of Application, Services or any connected activities; 3) hinder security protocols and Application’s and/or Service’s security protocols and functionalities (as well as others’ accounts and systems associated with the Application and/or Services); 4) initiate any form of spam or automated messages within the Application and/or Services.
  4. The User is prohibited from: 1) using reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, decrypting or otherwise attempting to single out the source code for the Application and/or Services or any related technology, or to copy or modify any part thereof, i.e create derivative ideas, products and/or services based on Application and/or Services, or any other related technology (except with the prior express written Debunker’s consent).
  5. In case of breach of rules of conduct and limitation set forth in Article 6 of these Terms of Use, Debunker shall:
    • send a notice to the User asking them to remove or modify the User content which is in contravention of these Terms of Use within the specified time limit;
    • if the User doesn’t take measures within the stipulated time to harmonize/modify the User content, Debunker reserves the right to suspend the User’s account temporarily or to permanently prohibit the access to Application and Services, in which case the User's account will be deleted;
    • in the event of suspension or prohibition of access to the Application and deletion of the Application account, the User is not entitled to compensation for damages due to the inability to use the Application caused by the User themself.

Article 7

Debunker’s limitations of liability

  1. The use of the Application and Services is at the sole responsibility of the User.
  2. Debunker is not liable for any kind of material or non-material damages caused in connection to use of Application and its Services, i.e. which damage is caused in any connection to the Application and Services.
  3. Debunker is not liable for any Content accessed by the User within the Application and Services, i.e. is not liable for accuracy, copyright or other legal and non-legal aspects of the Content.
  4. Bearing in mind that the Application and Services have the goal to provide informational help in connection to the loan variables calculation and similar, Debunker is not liable for any damages caused to the Users in connection to information received via Application and Services.
  5. Information provided by the Application and Services are not to be considered legal, financial, economic or any other kind of advice, and the Users accept that they cannot base their decisions on the stated information. The Users accept and state that they are solely liable for making their own decisions in connection to taking loans, and that they do not have any right to seek damages from Debunker in connection to that.
  6. Debunker does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability and promptness of data provide by the Users when creating the Application account, and the Users, by accepting these Terms of Use agree that they are obligated to provide accurate data when creating the User account.
  7. Debunker is not liable for intellectual property breaches caused by the Users, which may relate to User content. The User is exclusively liable for their own and others’ intellectual property rights on the User content uploaded by the User themself.
  8. Debunker does not guarantee uninterrupted use of Application and Services, nor is in any way responsible for potential temporary unavailability of any specific part of Application and /or Services, nor for the partial or total non-functioning or malfunctioning thereof, nor for the consequences which may arise out of the Application use due to potential tehcnical issues or force majeoure.
  9. Application and Services may be temporarily unavailable or partially available, due to the regular system maintenance or in case of system upgrade. Users will be timely informed on temporarily unavailability or partial availability of the Application and Services by Debunker via Debunker’s webpage, social network page or in some other appropriate way.
  10. Debunker reserves the right to modify, cancel (temporarily or permanently) any element of the Application and/or Services without prior or subsequent consent or notice, while adhering to the good business practice, and especially in case of preserving the integrity of the Application, ensuring the data safety and regular servicing of the Application.
  11. Debunker is not liable for damages or injuries which may arise out of hidden defects, errors, interruptions, deletions, failures, delays in the operation or transmission of computer viruses, interruptions in communications, termination of contracts, conduct contrary to the Terms of Use, negligence, etc.
  12. The Application, Services and Content are "as is" and "as available" without any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of a commercial nature, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

Article 8

Governing law and competent court

  1. These Terms of Use will be interpreted exclusively in accordance with laws of Republic of Serbia.
  2. Any dispute arising out of or in connection to these Terms of Use will be decided by competent court in Belgrade, Serbia.

Article 9


  1. These Terms of Use represent a complete agreement between Debunker and User in connection to the use of Application and Services, and replace all previous and current suggestions and communication (written, oral or electronic) between Debunker and User. If it turns out that any of the provisions of Terms of Use is invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be replaced or amended in accordance with the law so that these Terms of Use remain completely applicable, in accordance with the law. Impossibility of any party to exercise any of their right stipulated by these Terms of Use, will not affect the application and exercise of other rights stipulated by these Terms of Use.
  2. The User has no right to assign rights and obligations stipulated by these Terms of Use to any third person without Debunker’s prior written consent. Debunker reserves the right to assign any of its rights and obligations deriving out of these Terms of Use without User’s consent.