Informed Decisions


All of us meet lots of very complex and often stressful or boring problems every day, that we have to resolve one way or another.

These problems require making lots of decisions that determine the further solutions and life cumulatively.

I.E. process of taking a loan. That's a frequent problem that people get into often risking their life savings or don't get into it even though it could be an optimal solution of some long term problem, in some cases.

To make good decisions and refine them in the process we have to be informed about the nature and mechanisms of those problems in every stage.

DEBUNKER was made to debunk these kinds of problems well, simulating them up front in lots of detail, and to help informed decision making.

If you have some problem you would like us to debunk this way, feel free to contact us, we've only just begun.



Tool that lets you do a detailed calculation of all the costs and simulation of payment of a loan.

  • Loan Calculator Icon

    Calculation of the loan is started with basic variables of the loan: loan object price, participation, interest, payment period.

    Ok… every loan calculator has this 😉
  • Initial Costs Icon

    But for the people who take loans, costs don't end here. Loan DEBUNKER asks you to fill in all the starting costs you will have on the very start of the loan process! Those costs often surprise loan takers even when they've dived deeply into the loan process already, and these costs aren't minor. Mortgage and loan setup administration costs, reports on credit ability, loan administration costs... Lot of them, depending on your country and bank rules.

    Interesting… Listening?👂
  • Additional Costs Icon

    You have a long period ahead of you while you pay out the loan which generates its own set of costs, you've probably haven't counted on mandatory property insurance costs during the loan payment, or life insurance of the loan carrier, bank account administration fee…

    Uhm… yes, for a 30-year period loan that probably totals a lot..🤔
  • Payment Plan Icon

    OK, now that you've understood all the costs of the loan and how much it will cost in the planned period of payment you're probably interested in the payment timetable and separated costs in it, how you decrease your debt successively and how do you pay it out in full maybe even earlier than you initialy planned.

    Wait… What? 🤯

Only when you understand all of the costs and variables of the loan, you'll have the complete picture of which kind of loan and at what bank you should take it and maybe even negotiate the best terms you can get. 🤝

You can also use LOAN DEBUNKER to track and simulate the progress of some loan you've already taken.


Both of us have 10 years of software engineering experience and several decades of various problems solving.

We have very compatible skills and characters which we have shown on many projects during many years.

We're planning to expand our team, so, if you see yourself in our manifesto and think you can contribute to DEBUNKER project, we would like to meet you.


Ivan Stamenković


Committed to products design, users experience with products and the processes products require in the making. Dipl. ing of organizational sciences. Designer and developer of lots of human-computer interactions. Dad. Music addict. Car design enthusiast. Marathon runner.


Miodrag Mitrović


Orientated to problem solving and automation of business processes using modern technologies. Dipl. ing of telecommunications, experienced system administrator and developer. Nature lover and mountain climber. Father x 3...


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions for us or our solutions.